Best Online Roulette Game

Software developers have created a new technique to save the betting patterns in best roulette Casino Online games. This feature is based on the theme that computer system can be programmed to do tasks repetitively without user intervention. You may find it difficult to place the standard bets such as money bets and straight bets repetitively in roulette. Some people prefer to play online roulette by betting on personal telephone numbers or birth days as they feel that such numbers are lucky. You can distribute chips on various numbers in a layout. It is quite difficult to do this task repetitively. Therefore, players can utilize pattern saving feature implemented in some of the best online roulette games such as microgaming. The players can save the pattern and implement it just with the click of a mouse button.

Best online roulette games including European Gold Roulette allow players saving bets. This feature is also implemented in other versions of Microgaming roulette. In order to utilize this feature, you need to activate the expert mode and then the edit layout, which is situated on the left side to the screen. On clicking the edit button, you will be taken to second screen, which exhibits a blank layout on the right and center of the screen with left side operating buttons.

You can transfer the betting patterns in two ways to the layout. Click on the edit layout button after arranging the pattern in table layout. Now click on the Get Table Bets button to transfer the pattern to the layout. You can also setup the pattern on the second screen itself. Suppose your date of birth is 01-02-1965. Choose the desired chip denomination and arrange digits of the date of birth on the layout. Now save this layout as Bet Layout1. Now clear the pattern from the layout. Next you can arrange another pattern and save it as Bet Layout2. Make sure to select Bet Layout2 when saving. Otherwise the previously saved pattern in the Bet layout will be erased. Best Online Casino roulette games allow saving up to eight patterns. However, you cannot give your own names to the patterns to easily remember the pattern. You must remember the pattern names to quickly place the saved layouts for wagering. You can return to the Table button of the game after saving the desired patterns. Now click on the required pattern and it will be displayed on the layout. Now you can try the luck after spinning the wheel.