How to Play and Win Spanish 21 Blackjack

Blackjack can be a relatively straightforward game, but when casinos introduce new variations on the game, players are confronted with all new challenges and must adjust their strategy to fit the new rules. Games like Spanish 21 blackjack, while similar to traditional blackjack, provide just enough variation to delight even the most jaded blackjack players.

The Rules of the Game

In Spanish 21 blackjack, players are dealt two cards as in blackjack. The card value totals are added and the player can hit or stand in order to get the higher total without going over 21. The main differences from traditional blackjack are the rules that govern some decisions of the player. For instance, a player must surrender half their bet whenever they have a card value total of 16 or 17. The player must also quit after he or she has doubled down.

The Challenge

Because of these new rules in Spanish 21, some players find the version much more difficult than traditional blackjack. To be sure the odds are changed, as the house now has a lower edge against the player. That means, the player can potentially earn more money for each bet he or she wins. The exact edges depend on the individual casino, so players should consult the pay tables anywhere they choose to play Spanish 21 online.

While the game is fairly close to traditional blackjack, the few changes to the rules can dramatically affect the decisions players should make. Players who choose to play Spanish 21 online should review the rules carefully and adjust their game accordingly.